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Enchantment: Khione



Enchantment and the Fox: Khione
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Chapter 1

Length of Novel:

85,370 words

Keywords and Market Focus:

Fiction, Boston, Boston University, Students, Greek, Greece, Athens, Demigod, Demigoddess, Hestia, Church, Goddess, Myth; will fascinate anyone interested in myth, mystery, and suspense—will appeal particularly to those who enjoy historical mystery and suspense novels, and also fills a unique niche for anyone interested in ancient Greek myth

The conceptual theme of Khione is not similar to any current or past work—it may be wholly original.


Suspense/Historical Fiction


Pearce Wimund brought a puppy home with him.  Actually, he and his friend Jason found a naked girl living on the streets of Boston.  This girl eats cats, has sharp teeth, mobile ears, owns the night, and moves more quickly than anything they’ve seen before.  When she is hit by a bus, Pearce takes her to his apartment and that opens a Pandora’s box of problems.  The girl is Khione, and she believes she is a fox and a demigoddess.  She doesn’t know about the facilities.  She’s never taken a bath.  She can’t speak English well.  She doesn’t eat anything except meat.  She’s never worn clothing.  All this would be meaningless except what Khione says seems to be true and there are people who actually know about her and are trying to help her thought Pearce.

Pearce has his own problems, but living with a feral fox girl isn’t one he wants.  What is worse, Khione has latched on to Pearce and won’t let go—she imagines she is in love with him.  Pearce is a good man and not one who takes advantage of coeds or strange girls who happen to want to share his bed.  Pearce doesn’t exactly want Khione out of his life, but he doesn’t need her temptation or her attention.  He just wants to be able to finish his studies at the university.  Plus, Khione has very strange ideas about how humans should interact and about life.

Pearce discovers the Orthodox Church has been working with beings such as Khione since the time of Christ.  As unusual as it might sound, they try to bring these creatures into the fold of the Church and humanity.  Khione isn’t biting, so to speak.  She wants Pearce to prove to her about this God guy, and why she shouldn’t have sex with anything she wants, whenever she wants.

Pearce feels it is important enough to take on this challenge, Khione’s challenge.

Author's reviewer’s quotes:

Khione is a surprising novel and a surprising character; she is a blast from the way past that proves truths for today. 

What can get more fun than a girl who thinks she is both a fox and a demigoddess—if it didn’t seem to be true, Pearce Wimund would get a lot more sleep.

Hestia was a fantastic novel about an accidentally invoked goddess—Khione was one of those beings not redeemed and actually cursed by Hestia; a demigoddess in the modern world.

Short descriptive teasers:

Sometimes puppies will follow you home; a fox girl follows Pearce Wimund home and his world is never the same again.    

Khione is a demigoddess and can prove it—you don’t expect that from a naked girl on the streets.

Khione, the fox demigoddess of snow, was redeemed once before, but she has been seeking for over two thousand years and there doesn’t seem to be any hope for her.         




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